Scriven Burials Knaresborough Churchyard

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Gravestone Number Type Measurements Inscription
376 Upright gravestone 39½M - 31 Sacred to the memory of MATTHEW MARSHALL of Scriven who departed this life 16 day of August 1802 in rhe 46th year of his age. Gracious, courteous meek an mild and lowly patient harmless wife and holy Free from malice free from pride so he lived and died.
377 Upright gravestone 42 - 31 Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM MARSHALL of Scriven who died the 19 March 1812 aged 25 years Also JAMES son of the above William Marshall who died July 29 1836 aged 86 years.
389 45¾ To the memory of MARY JACKSON \late cook to Sir Thomas Slingsby Bart. She Died the 5 day of June 1814 Aged 49 years.
390 48¼ To the memory of HENRIETTA LEES wife of John Lees of Scriven. She died the 18th February 1816 aged 71 years. Also the abovw JOHN LEES who died August 12 1821 aged 80. Forty five years Head Gardener in the family of Sir Thomas Slingsby Bart Jehovah Lord! To dust I'm gone. It is thy will Thy will be done. But in this dust I'm not to stay …… another day.
possibly 391 51" - 39¼ To the memory of Jane ATACK wife of Robert Atack of Scriven this life August 1st 1823 aged 35. Also her infant child. Also the above ROBERT ATACK Head Gardener to the late Sir Thos Ingilby Bart. Who died 16th February 1838. Aged 54 years.
392 62" - 37" Here lieth the body of WILLIAM MEADLY of Scriven who departed this life the 30 day of April 1796 in the 77th year of his age. Also SARAH wife of the above William MEADLEY who departed this life the 19th day of November 1813 aged 81 years. Also JOHN WOOD of Scriven who departed this life the 2nd day of June 1852 aged 79 years. Also DOROTHY wife of the above John WOOD who departed this life the 24th day of June 1833. Aged 55 years.
397 .Upright gravestone 54 - 35 Near this stone lie the mortal remains of THOMAS HARRISON late of Scriven the beloved husband of Elizabeth Harrison who departed this life on 27th September 1800 age 55 years. Also RICHARD Harrison son of the above who departed this life on 24th October 1800 aged 5 years. Also EMMANUEL HARRISON son of the above who died 21 June 1810 aged 13 also of the above named ELIZABETH HARRISON who died at Belmont Cottage in this Parish in 87 years of her age.
398 Upright gravestone 50,- 36 Sacred to the memory of PETER HUDSON who died April 28 1841 aged 47 years. He served faithfully and dutifully as Butler to the late Sir Thomas Thomas Slingsby Bart And family 24 years. Also JAMES son of the above Peter Hudson of Scriven Died October 6 1842 aged 24 years.
399 Box Tomb 42 - 80 - 32 WILLIAM CLOUGH of Tentergate who departed this life on 2 July 1808 aged 53.years. Also MARY CLOUGH wife of the above William Clough died 26 June 1816 aged 63 years.
427 50" - 35" The memory of Hannah Dickinson daughter of Thomas and Mary Dickinson of Scriven who died February 13 1819 aged 22 years. Also MARY DICKINSON mother o f the above Hannah Dickinson who departed this life the 10 day of May 1824 aged 50 years. Also HENRY and CHARLES DICKINSON who died in their Infancy and also ANN HELEN DICKINSON daughteof Thomas and Ellen Dickinson of this town who died the 12 day of June 1830 aged 1 year 9 months. Also THOMAS their son died.
637 Upright gravestone 4' - 3' Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH WOOD wife of Meadley Wood of Scriven who departed this life May 23 1848 aged 28 years
638 Upright gravestone 3'5 -3' Sacred to the memory of JOHN MEADLEY of Scriven who departed this life on the 3 day of March 1812? Aged 85 years. And ROBERT WILLIAM sonof Meadley and Elisabeth Wood of Scriven who died July 4 1813 aged 4 months.
639? Flat gravestone(with box 2'7x2'3) on top 7' 7' In memory of ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of CHARLES POWELL, Solicitor of Knaresborough. Born July 1813. Died June 6 1875 and SAMUEL AND FRANK their Children who died in infancy. Also of the above named CHARLES POWELL, Born March 20 1811. Died November 2 1893. On Slab - HERBERT BOLLAND youngest son of Elizabeth and Charles Powell born August 5 1854, died February 2 1925. .HELEN LOUISA POWELL eldest son of Charles and Elizabeth Powell of Knaresborough, born January 26 1841 died May 15 1921. CHARLES ALBERT POWELL, eldest son of Charles and Elizabeth Powell. Born July 18 1842 died March 17 1925 Also LILLIAN MARY his wife died October 19 1922. Memory of EDWARD second son of the above Elizabeth and Charles Powell who died at South Yarra Melbourne Australia March 1 1889 aged 44 years.
640 Box In memory of SAMUEL POWELL of Knaresborough who died 6 April 1859 ae 81 and of ANN his wife who died 2 February 1868 ae 88.
644 Upright gravestone 3'10 - 2'10 .This stone is erected by a few Christian friends in memory of MARY JACQUES Who was engaged as a teacher in the school of this parish foer a period of 40 years and regarded by both children and parents with grateful love..She was also from the age of 9 years to the close of her life one of the choir of the parish church. She enterd into rest on 4th Luly 1857 aged 54 years. "Surely I come quickly. So come Lord Jesus" Rev.22.20
648 Upright gravestone 4' 8 - 2" 7 In memory of ABRAHAM JOHNSON of Scriven who died November 12 1839 aged 65. Also ELIZABETH JOHNSON wife of the above who died November 29 1843. Also two of their sons, JOHN, died February 20 1843 aged 35, ANDREW died September 2 1838 aged 18.
660 Box Tomb 3'5 — 6'5-2'5 O death where is thy sting? To the beloved memory of CHARLOTTE MARY wife of Basil Thomas Wood Esq of Conyngham Hall who died 18 January 1874 in the 61st year of age Also in loving memory of the above BASIL THOMAS WOOD who "after he had served his own generation by the will of God fell asleep" 4 June 1895 in the 80th year of his age 'His servants shall do him service' 1874 O GRAVE WHERE IS THEIR VICTORY
671A no number but lying to the left of 671 Upright gravestone 37 -27 In memory of JOHN WILBER of Scriven who died October 26 1875 aged 72 years Also of six children of the above who died in infancy.
Unnumbered presumed to be 678. Box Tomb 36 - 66-20 In memory of.WILLIAM COLLINS of Kirkman Bank in this Parish who died on 21st June 1871 aged 84, also of WILLIAM COLLINS his eldest son vicar of Freiston Lincs who died on 1st February 1874 aged 43. Also of JANE COLLINS of Knaresborough House wife of William Collins vicar of Freiston Lincs August 4th 1901 aged 53. Also of EMMA COLLINS youngest daughter of Thorn Croft Knaresborough Also of LUCY COLLINS his youngest daughter. Also of EMMA ELIZABETH COLLINS widow of William Collins of Kirkman Bank died 20th October 1888 aged 84.
695 Upright gravestone 5' - 2'11 In memory of EMMA SWIFT, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Swift of Scriven who died JULY 5 1858 aged 28 years Weep not for those who sweetly sleep Beneath the grassy mounds They gently rest on Jesus breast Till the last trumpet sounds Also near this place lie the remains of JONATHAN SWIFT farmer who died May 1 1842 aged 50 years. Also of JOHN STEEL SWIFT brother of the above Emma Swift who died March 22 1861 aged 39 years Also of ELIZABETH SWIFT wife of the above Jonathan Swift who died January 9 1869 aged 77 years.
705 Upright gravestone 4' -3'3 Sacred to the memory of JOHN ATKINSON HATTER of Scriven late of Knaresborough Who departed this life on the 8 of September 1845 aged 74 years. I know that my Redeemer lives He lives and on earth shall stand And Tho' to worms me flesh he gives My dust is numbered in his Hand Also SARAH wife of the above.
720 Upright gravestone 4'10" - 3'2" In memory of SARAH PRENTICE WOOD daughter of James and Frances Wood of Scriven who died November 11th 1851 aged 36 years. Though lost to sight of memory dear.
721 Upright gravestone 3'6" - 2'8" Sacred to the memory of THOMAS son of Thomas and Ann Wood of Scriven Died 26th September 1846 aged 6 years. Stranger tread softly o'er this hallowed ground For here a lovely child has found a bed of rest
751 Upright gravestone 4'10 - 2'9 In affectionate memory of MARY NICHOLS of Scriven who died February 24 1876 aged 70 years. Also of THOMAS NICHOLS cousin of the above who died February 18 1876 aged 54 years.
768 Flat gravestone 72 - 32 Affectionate remembrance of EMILY daughter of Edwin and Mary SMITH who died 23 February 1861 aged 15 years Also of Edwin their son who died in infancy Also of EMMA their daughter the wife of John MALLINSON of Halifax who died December 30 1865 aged 24 years.Also of DOROTHY APPLETON Grandmother of the above who died on 15 October 1867 aged 83 years. Also of the above named MARY SMITH who died December 1881 aged 67 years Also of HELEN their youngest daughter who died November 8 1884 aged 31 Also of the above named EDWIN SMITH who died June 20 1887 aged 76 yeard was clerk with Messieurs Powell Solicitors for 36 years held the office of clerk to the Knaresborough local board for 46 years and to the poor law board of Knaresborough Union for 36 years. Also of FRANCES HANNAH their daughter who died May 20 1891 aged 43 years and of ALICE their daughter who died 3 February 1906 aged 58 years.
783 Upright gravestone 54-36 In memory of the late .JAMES WOOD of Scriven who died October 11 1860 aged 69 years. May…..peace Also of FRANCES wife of the above who died ……..1868 aged Years.
812 Upright gravestone 4'8 - 3' In affectionate memory of ANN, the beloved wife of WILLIAM LUTY who died at Scriven on Friday May 4 1886 aged 49.
824 Upright gravestone 4' 8 - 3' In memory of the late THOMAS ATKINSON Farmer of Scriven who died March 26 1866 aged 54 years.