Post Office 1861

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Post Office Directory of the West Riding of Yorkshire 1861

Source Location Knaresborough Library

p 433 Statistics –
Township of Knaresborough 2823 acres
Scriven-with-Tentergate 1,420 acres
Together 4,243 acres
Whole parish 6,997 acres

Population in 1851

P 437 List of residents under heading “Scriven”

Scriven is a village and with Tentergate forms a Township in the parish of Knaresborough from which it is distant one mile north.
Scriven Hall or Park, the seat of Sir Charles Slingsby baronet , is a handsome stone mansion situated in an extensive park near to the village.

SCRIVEN inhabitants

Reference Number Surname Forename Occupation Location Title
18510001 Harrison Thomas Arlington House Captain
18510002 Slingsby Charles Scriven Park Baronet
18510003 Atkinson George Farmer
18510004 Bussey John Licensee Shoulder of Mutton
18510005 Dickenson William Blacksmith
18510006 Harper Ann Shopkeeper Mrs
18510007 Johnson Abraham Tailor
18510008 Lumley Edwin Gardener
18510009 Steele Thomas Farmer
18510010 Steele Thomas Nurseryman, seedsman & florist Knaresborough
18510011 Swale Richard Farmer
18510012 Wood Frances Farmer Mrs