Kellys 1966

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Kelly’s Directory of Harrogate and Neighbourhood 1966

Source Location Harrogate Library


Reference Number Surname Forename Occupation Location Title
19660001 Atkinson Arthur Ivy Cottage Old Scriven
19660002 Atkinson H Rose Cottage Old Scriven Mrs
19660003 Atkinson Ernest 5 Pleasant Row Greengate Lane
19660004 Andrews Frank 7 Greengate Lane
19660005 Andrews M O 7 The Terrace Old Scriven
19660006 Bailes Herbert 2 Pleasant Row Greengate Lane
19660007 Bowe John K Old Scriven
19660008 Bradley Charles T 1 Pleasant Row Greengate Lane
19660009 Bradley Fred Park Corner Farm Old Scriven
19660010 Bradley Kenneth Old Scriven
19660011 Bradley Harry Gibbet Farm Farnham Lane
19660012 Brown Rt Primrose Hill The Green Old Scriven
19660013 Brunskill George Moor House Old Scriven Brigadier CBE MC
19660014 Butterfield Walter 8 Greengate Drive Greengate Lane
19660015 Clifford Joseph Earls Cottage Old Scriven
19660016 Colley Belgrave Cottage Old Scriven Mrs
19660017 Colquhoun Ian M Elm Lodge
19660018 Cooper George Blacksmiths Cottage Old Scriven
19660019 Dalton W Old Scriven
19660020 Doughty George Gaker Lodge Ripley Road
19660021 Eaglen Clarence 5 Greengate Drive Greengate Lane
19660022 Ellison James R 1 Greengate Drive Greengate Lane
19660023 Gamble J 3 Pleasant Row Greengate Lane
19660024 Gill Thomas Primrose Hill Old Scriven
19660025 Herrington D Twincott Old Scriven Mrs
19660026 Herrington F Corner Cottage Old Scriven Miss
19660027 Hunt Geoffrey Roundell Manor Old Scriven
19660028 Lyth Leslie 7 Old Scriven
19660029 Martin James New Cottage The Green Old Scriven
19660030 Mudd Hy Twincott Old Scriven
19660031 Norris Ernest 4 Pleasant Row Greengate Lane
19660032 Owbridge Frederick C Bond End Lodge
19660033 Plaxton Old Scriven Mrs
19660034 Sewell Wilfred Old Scriven
19660035 Sewell Harold Greenbank Old Scriven
19660036 Smith John K Keepers Cottage Ripley Road
19660037 Steele Leslie Pear Tree Cottage Old Scriven
19660038 Stewart Michael 6 Greengate Drive Greengate Lane
19660039 Tucker S J 2 Greengate Drive Greengate Lane
19660040 Watts Joseph Beech Lodge
19660041 Walker Vincent 3 Greengate Drive Greengate Lane
19660042 Wright Rt 4 Greengate Drive Greengate Lane


Reference Number Surname Forename Occupation Location Title
19660043 Bradley Harry Farmer Gibbet Farm
19660044 Clapham Fred Farmer Hazelheads Farm
19660045 Clapham Harry Farmer Home Farm
19660046 Sewell Harold Decorator Greenbank Old Scriven
19660047 Vanzeldt Peter Nurseryman Barberry House Nurseries, Greengate Lane
19660048 Waite W Farmer Oak View Farm
19660049 Webster Harry Farmer Buttrehills Farm & Sons