Burial Records 1702 1777

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Burial Records 1702 - 1777 St John the Baptist, Knaresborough Parish Church

Reference Number Date Surname Forename Relation Parent/Spouse first name Parish Notes
D00001 1702.12.29 Roundel Anne Wife William Scriven
D00002 1703.01.14 Keighley Susanna Widow Scriven
D00003 1703.04.05 Prockter Jane Daughter Joseph Scriven
D00004 1703.05.31 Boudler Mrs Scriven
D00005 1703.06.27 Clemetshaw Grace Daughter Thomas Scriven
D00006 1703.09.06 Andrews Sarah Daughter William Scriven
D00007 1703.10.14 Andrews Richard Scriven
D00008 1703.11.23 Matthews Mary Daughter Thomas Scriven
D00009 1703.12.14 ThompSon Matthew Scriven
D00010 1704.03.03 Tasker Jane Widow Scriven
D00011 1703.03.25 Wilks John Scriven
D00012 1704.04.06 Redshaw Elizabeth Daughter William Scriven
D00013 1704.04.24 Theorsby George Son Frederick Scriven
D00014 1704.06.01 Keighley Hanna Wife Francis Scriven
D00015 1704.07.18 Yeadon Richard Scriven
D00016 1704.07.27 DickinSon Jane Daughter Joseph Scriven
D00017 1704.10.11 WilSon Miriam Wife Henry Scriven
D00018 1705.01.20 Dixon George Son George Scriven
D00019 1705.01.28 Hill Ellen Daughter Thomas Scriven
D00020 1705.02.03 Turnbull Marmaduke Scriven
D00021 1705.02.24 GibSon Alice Daughter Martin Scriven
D00022 1705.02.25 Burnand Ursula Daughter William Pauper Scriven
D00023 1705.03.02 DickinSon Peter Scriven
D00024 1705.03.16 DickenSon William Son Peter Scriven
D00025 1705.05.08 Slingesby John Son Thomas Bart.
D00026 1705.05.13 Redshaw William Son William Scriven
D00027 1705.07.03 Turnbull Robert Son Christopher Scriven
D00028 1705.07.06 Kartmale Jane illigit. Daughter Jane Scriven
D00029 1705.07.13 GibSon Elizabeth Daughter Francis Scriven
D00030 1705.09.02 Roundell Peter Son William Gentleman Scriven
D00031 1705.10.14 Walker Jane Wife Joseph Scriven
D00032 1705.11.02 Walker Wyles Son Scriven
D00033 1705.12.31 Keighley David Scriven
D00034 1706.03.18 Clemetshaw Dyonis Scriven
D00035 1706.04.29 Broadbelt Ellen Daughter William Scriven
D00036 1706.05.09 GibSon alice Wife Richard Scrivrn
D00037 1706.05.21 Kirkman Grace Wife Joseph Scriven
D00038 1706.05.31 hayes John Scriven
D00039 1706.07.20 Barker Elizabeth Wife Joseph Scriven
D00040 1707.01.27 Owram Isabell Daughter David Scriven
D00041 1707.02.03 Wyrell Richard Son Joseph Scriven
D00042 1707.02.06 Cook Isdabell Daughter George Scriven
D00043 1707.03.01 Bransby Alice Widow Scriven
D00044 1707.04.10 Redshaw Mary Daughter William Scriven
D00045 1707.05.06 Lightfoott Elizabeth Daughter Thomas Scriven
D00046 1707.05.14 Slingsby Jane Daughter Thomas Bart.
D00047 1707.05.21 Roundell William, senior,gent Scriven
D00048 1707.10.05 Holden William Scriven
D00049 1707.10.11 Hill Mary Daughter Robert Scriven
D00050 1707.11.13 Steell William, senior Scriven
D00051 1708.02.04 Anykin John Son Joseph Scriven
D00052 1708.02.17 Kendale Thomas Son Thomas Scriven
D00053 1708.03.19 GibSon Richard Scriven
D00054 1708.03.23 Coates Susan Daughter George Scriven
D00055 1708.04.05 JebSon Anne Daughter Lucus Scriven
D00056 1708.07.05 Lightfoot Jane Wife William Scriven
D00057 1708.07.06 ThompSon Ellen Scriven
D00058 1708.10.29 Briggs William Scriven
D00059 1708.11.03 Lightfoot Anne Wife Thomas Scriven
D00060 1708.12.05 Blakeston Anne Daughter Thomas Scriven
D00061 1709.02.28 Maltas Anne Widow Scriven
D00062 1709.05.05 Lightfoot Anne Daughter Thomas Scriven
D00063 1709.11.33 Walker Matthew Son joseph Scriven
D00064 1709.12.16 Smith Ellen Daughter Bartholemew Scriven
D00065 1710.01.19 Keighley John Scriven
D00066 1710.04,03 Hill Isdabell Widow Scriven
D00067 1710.06.15 Blakestone Rachel Daughter Thomas Scriven
D00068 1710.07.29 Thorpe John Scriven
D00069 1710.08.03 GibSon Mary Wife Martin Scriven
D00070 1710.09.07 GibSon Mary Daughter Martin Scriven
D00071 1710.12.10 Calverley Anne Daughter William Scriven
D00072 1711.02.04 Keighley Elazabeth Daughter Jonathen Scriven
D00073 1711.10.30 Wood Robert Scriven
D00074 1711.11.13 Burnand William Scriven
D00075 1711.12.08 Butler Anne Daughter Thomas Scriven
D00076 1712.01.28 Carter Richard Scriven
D00077 1712.02.24 WrightSon Anne Wife Thomas Scriven
D00078 1712.03.18 LowSon Thomas Son Joseph Scriven
D00079 1712.06.17 Maltas George Son George Scriven
D00080 1712.07.12 Andrews Jonathan Son William, senior Scriven
D00081 1712.10.09 Briggs Elizabeth Daughter William Scriven
D00082 1712.12.12 Keighley Jonathan Son Robert Scriven
D00083 1713.08.08 Keighley Francis Scriven
D00084 1713.08.16 Whitfield George Scriven
D00085 1713.11.26 Holden William Scriven
D00086 1713.12.03 Long Dorothy Daughter Barnabas Scriven
D00087 1714.02.18 Ashton Joseph a poor child at William Whitfield's Scriven
D00088 1714.12.13 Annykin Hannah Daughter Joseph deceased & Mary Scriven
D00089 1715.01.24 Maw John Scriven
D00090 1715.02.10 Andrews Richard juvenile Scriven
D00091 1715.05.26 Stott Jane Wife Joseph Scriven
D00092 1715.12.20 Kendall Thomas Son Thomas Scriven
D00093 1716.07.11 CisSon/SisSon Jane Wife Joseph Scriven
D00094 1716.09.16 DodgSon Daniel Scriven
D00095 1716.09.20 Redshaw William Son Henry deceased & Son-in-law of William ThompSon Scriven
D00096 1716.09.20 Walker Matthew Son Joseph Scriven
D00097 1716.09.21 SisSons Mary Daughter Joseph Scriven
D00098 1716.09.28 Redshaw Christopher Son Henry Scriven
D00099 1716.10.05 DawSon Ellen Daughter Gilbert Scriven
D00100 1716.11.11 Somersgill Magdalene Wife Richard Scriven
D00101 1717.01.03 Carter Jane Widow Thomas Scriven
D00102 1717.03.31 Lazenby John Scriven
D00103 1717.07.01 ThompSon Ellen Daughter William Scriven
D00104 1718.02.27 Farnell Thomas Son Thomas Scriven
D00105 1718.06.23 Carter John Son Peter Scriven
D00106 1718.10.31 Turnbull Elizabeth Widow Scriven
D00107 1718.10.31 Hall Elizabeth Widow Scriven
D00108 1719.01.24 DickinSon John Scriven
D00109 1719.02.25 Lightfoot John Scriven
D00110 1719.05.07 Hill Ellen Wife Richard, yeoman Scriven
D00111 1719.05.29 GibSon Martin Scriven
D00112 1719.07.11 Wetherall Frances Wife Robert, weaver Scriven
D00113 1720.02.01 Hey Anne Widow Scriven
D00114 1720.07.17 Matthews Thomas Son Joseph Scriven
D00115 1720.92.25 West Robert Scriven
D00116 1720.03.17 Holden Margeret Widow Scriven
D00117 1721.04.05 JewitSon John servant to Rachel Umpleby Scriven
D00118 1721.04.20 Andrews Richard Son Dennis Scriven
D00119 1721.05.13 Kendall Mary Wife Thomas Scriven
D00120 1721.06.07 Butler William Son Thomas Scriven
D00121 1721.06.19 Pretious Dorothy Daughter William Scriven
D00122 1721.09.19 WilSon WilSon Scriven
D00123 1721.12.25 Kirkman Richard Scriven
D00124 1722.03.18 Lightfoot Anne Widow Scriven
D00125 1722.04.12 Andrews Elizabeth Wife William,senior Scriven
D00126 1722.12.26 Briggs Christopher Son Christopher Scriven
D00127 1723.03.06 Waddington William Scriven
D00128 1723.03.08 Andrews William, junior Scriven
D00129 1723.09.22 Turnbull William Son Christopher Scriven
D00130 1723.10.04 Slinger William Son George Scriven
D00131 1724.01.07 Inchboard Peter Son Walter Scriven
D00132 1724.01.14 SmithSon Thomas Scriven
D00133 1724.02.18 LowSon John Scriven
D00134 1724.04.24. Bransby John Scriven
D00135 1724.09.24 Hill George Son Richard Scriven
D00136 1724.10.13 Hill Robert Scriven
D00137 1724.10.29 West Anne Widow Scriven
D00138 1724.12.05 Slinger George Scriven
D00139 1725.01.11 DawSon Elizabeth Wife Gilbert Scriven
D00140 1725.03.08 Leak Mary Daughter Jeffrey Scriven
D00141 1725.05.29 Fysh Pethuel (sic) Scriven
D00142 1725.07.15 GibSon Elizabeth Widow Scriven
D00143 1725.09.03 Summersgill William Son Richard Scriven
D00144 1725.12.04 SimpSon Katherine Widow Scriven
D00145 1725.12.15 West Sarah Wife Francis Scriven
D00146 1725.12.23 Inchboard Walter Scriven
D00147 1726.01.31 Lightfoot Katherine Wife Robert Scriven
D00148 1726.02.22 Tuton Anne Wife Christopher Scrivrn
D00149 1726.06.04 Summersgill Richard Scriven
D00150 1726.07.14 Dixon George Scriven
D00151 1726.07.15 Slinger George, junior Scriven
D00152 1726.09.04 Thorpe Dorothea Widow Scriven
D00153 1726.10.20 Elmsley Ellen Daughter Joseph Scriven
D00154 1727.03.09 Hardisty Thomas Son Paul Scriven
D00155 1727.05.04 Mathews Mary Daughter Joseph, junior Scriven
D00156 1727.05.05 Briggs Michael Son Christopher Scriven
D00157 1727.06.03 Briggs Elizabeth daghter Christopher Scriven
D00158 1727.09.13 Bentley Thomas Scriven
D00159 1728.01.04 Lightfoot Jane Wife William, junior Scriven
D00160 1728.02.06 Wright Ellen Widow Scriven
D00161 1728.02.21 LowSon Elizabeth Widow Scriven
D00162 1728.03.09 Andrews William Scriven
D00163 1728.04.01 Long Abigail Wife Christopher Scriven
D00164 1728.04.01 Foster Margerst Wife Joseph Scriven
D00165 1728.04.03 Allon Ellen Wife Richard Scriven
D00166 1728.04.04 Turnbull Christopher Scriven
D00167 1729.06.05 Sizer John Scriven
D00168 1729.08.11 Turnbull Marmaduke Scriven
D00169 1729.09.18 Slingsby Mary Daughter Sir Henry, bart Scriven
D00170 1729.09.23 Slingsby Henry Son Sir Henry, bart Scriven
D00171 1730.06.02 Poulter Elizabeth Daughter Joseph Scriven
D00172 1730.06.30 ThompSon Maudland (sic) Widow Scriven
D00173 1731.02.14 El,sley John Scriven
D00174 1731.03.18 Deighton John Son Joseph Scriven
D00175 1731.06.17 Pretious William Scriven
D00176 1731.06.18 Sharper Mary Daughter Sam Scriven
D00177 1731.11.10 Pretious Anne Juvenile Scriven
D00178 1732.02.11 Smith Rupert Son Thomas Scriven
D00179 1733.03.07 Turnbull Marmaduke Son Marmaduke Scriven
D00180 1734.02.09 Hardisty Margaret Wife Paul Scriven
D00181 1736.02.08 Briggs Christopher Scriven
D00182 1736.06.07 Slingsby Mary Lady of Sir Henry Slingsby, baronet Henry Scriven
D00183 1736.09.29 Bradford Charles Scriven
D00184 1737.01.19 Green Thomas Scriven
D00185 1737.11.28 Calverley William Scriven
D00186 1738.12.03 Stubbs Thomas Scriven Died by a fall off a corn mowh.
D00187 1739.03.14 Briggs Hannah Widow Scriven
D00188 1739.05.18 Pretious William Scriven
D00189 1740.03.12 Lightfoot Robert Scriven
D00190 1740.08.29 West Anne Scriven
D00191 1740.12.09 Cheldrey Samuel Scriven
D00192 1741.01.03 Lambert William Son Charles Scriven
D00193 1741.01.14 Hall Elizabeth Wife William Scriven
D00194 1741.01.14 Hall Elizabeth Daughter Elizabeth & William Scriven
D00195 1741.02.17 Hawkes Richard Scriven
D00196 1741.02.24 Dickinson John Scriven
D00197 1741.02.18 Clark John Scriven
D00198 1741.06.02 Calverley Thomasin Scriven
D00199 1741.06.05 Allon Richard Scriven
D00200 1741.10.21 Wadington Mary Daughter John Scriven
D00201 1741.11.10 Pounder Dinah Daughter Samuel Scriven
D00202 1741.12.05 Pretious Isabell Scriven
D00203 1742.04.02 Carter Hannah Daughter Wid. C Scriven
D00204 1742.07.02 Andrews Margaret Scriven
D00205 1742.08.11 Nicolson John Son William Scriven
D00206 1742,08.12 Nicolson Elizabeth Daughter William Scriven
D00207 1743.03.15 Walker John Scriven
D00208 1743.11.15 Sissons John Scriven
D00209 1744.05.19 Green John Son Wid. G Scriven
D00210 1744.06.? Green Anne Widow elizabeth & William Scriven
D00211 1744.08.24 Barwick Anne Scriven
D00212 1745.02.12 Lightfoot John Son William Scriven
D00213 1745.02.23 Lightfoot Anne Daughter William Scriven
D00214 1745.03.24 Lightfoot William Scriven
D00215 1745.10.08 Meadly John Son James & Kathleen Scriven
D00216 1746.01.06 Sissons Mary Daughter Elizabeth Scriven
D00217 1746.02.23 Tod Martin Son William & Ellen Scriven
D00218 1746.05.25 Andrews Elizabeth Daughter Jonathan & Elizabeth Scriven
D00219 1746.10.31 Hawke Richard Scriven
D00220 1747.04.20 Andrews Mary Daughter Jonathan & Elizabeth Scriven
D00221 1748.06.21 Sissons John Scriven
D00222 1750.05.29 Wright Elizabeth Daughter John Scriven
D00223 1751.04.29 Andrews Jonathan Son Jonathan Scriven
D00224 1754.04.19 Meadley Elizabeth Daughter William & Mary Scriven
D00225 1754.04.21 Meadley Mary Wife William Scriven
D00226 1754.04.28 Nicholson Thomas Scriven
D00227 1754.09.01 Lightfoot Ann Scriven
D00228 1754.12.11 Andrews Elizabeth Daughter Jonathan Scriven
D00229 1755.02.03 Ringdale Margaret Scriven
D00230 1755.02.24 Nichols George Son William & Mary Scriven
D00231 1755.05.29 Briggs Barbara Daughter Barbara Scriven
D00232 1755.06.03 Thompson Ann Daughter Thomas & Isabell Scriven
D00233 1756.02.23 Shepherd Robert Scriven
D00234 1756.04.02 Thompson Isabel Wife Robert Scriven
D00235 1756.12.13 Shepherd Elizabeth Scriven
D00236 1757.02.28 Banks Alice Scriven
D00237 1757.06.10 Thompson Isabell Daughter Robert Scriven
D00238 1758.10.01 Kitchin Thomas Son Richard Scriven
D00239 1759.03.21 Carter John Son John & Ellianer Scriven
D00240 1759.10.07 Gibson Martin Scriven
D00241 1759.12.17 Lowrey Matthew Son Robert Scriven
D00242 1760.02.08 Dawson Martha Scriven
D00243 1762.05.25 Inchboard Thomas Scriven
D00244 1762.12.28 Kitchen Ann Scriven
D00245 1763.01.03 Andrews Jane Scriven
D00246 1763.03.13 Barrick Elizabeth Scriven
D00247 1763.11.27 Field Sarah Daughter George Scriven
D00248 1764.01.13 Burnitt Peter Scriven
D00249 1764.02.22 Wilks Thomas Scriven
D00250 1764.12.16 Mirfil Christopher Son John & Alice Scriven
D00251 1765.01.25 Slingsby Sir Thomas Baronet Scriven
D00252 1765.02.07 Kitching Mary Wife Richard Scriven
D00253 1766.06.01 Nicholson Mary Scriven
D00254 1766.07.22 Steel Daughter Philip Scriven
D00255 1766.08.14 Prior Joseph Scriven
D00256 1766.11.22 Spence William Son William Scriven
D00257 1767.12.04 Bransby John Scriven
D00258 1768.02.16 Dunwell Jane Scriven
D00259 1768.02.16 Gibson Thomas Scriven
D00260 1768.10.30 Hobson Mary Scriven
D00261 1768.12.13 Hill Robert Scriven
D00262 1769.09.15 Andrews John Son Jonathan Scriven
D00263 1770.03.05 Nicholson Jane Daughter William Scriven
D00264 1770.05.04 Waddington Ellen Scriven
D00265 1771.01.19 Briggs Barbara Scriven
D00266 1771.07.09 Blakestone Elizabeth Scriven
D00267 1771.09.29 Hardcastle Ann Wife Bryan Scriven
D00268 1772.01.29 Mulligan Owen Scriven
D00269 1772.06.10 Calverley Henry Scriven
D00270 1772.07.18 Holmes Elizabeth Scriven
D00271 1773.01.29 Meadley Thomas Son William Scriven
D00272 1773.07.21 Robinson Christopher Son |John Scriven
D00273 1774.11.27 Coghill Esquire Oliver Scriven with Tentergate
D00274 1775.04.07 Hardcastle Brian Scriven
D00275 1775.04.11 Stott Ann Scriven cum Tentergate
D00276 1775.05.27 Robinson Jane Daughter John & Elizabeth Scriven
D00277 1777.02.07 Howden Elizabeth Scriven
D00278 1777.05.06 Wood William Son Thomas & Elizabeth Scriven
D00279 1777.06.06 Greaves Barnabas Son Mary Scriven Illegitimate