Baptism Records 1702 1731

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Baptism Records 1702 - 1731 St John the Baptist, Knaresborough Parish Church

Reference Number Date YY.MM.DD Surname First Name Sex Father Mother Village Notes
B00001 1731.03.13 Lowrey Jane Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00002 1731.03.11 Sharper Mary Daughter Sam. Scriven
B00003 1730.12.26 Andrews William Son Dennis Scriven
B00004 1730.10.16 Owram Hannah Daughter Thomas Hannah Scriven
B00005 1730.10.08 Wright Anne Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00006 1730.10.01 Baker Aaron Son Jonth. Scriven
B00007 1730.08.15 Hawkes Richard Son Rich. Scriven
B00008 1730.08.13 Poulter Mary Daughter Jo. Ellen Scriven
B00009 1730.07.24 Nichols Anne Daughter Geo. Scriven
B00010 1730.06.25 Lambert William Son Chas. Scriven
B00011 1729.09.25 Briggs Barbara Daughter Chris. Barb. Scriven
B00012 1729.09.13 Leak Elizabeth Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00013 1729.06.12 Calverley Robert Son Robert Anne Scriven
B00014 1729.06.01 Sissons Judith Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00015 1729.04.17 Lightfoot William & John Son William Anne Scriven
B00016 1728.04.14 Nicholls William Son Geo. Scriven
B00017 1728.04.11 Sharper Samuel Son Sam. Scriven
B00018 1728.04.05 Gibson John Son Chris. Scriven Servant to Sir Henry Slingsby
B00019 1728.01.15 Stott George Son Jo. Scriven
B00020 1727.04.26 Keighley Jonathan Son Jonathan S&T
B00021 1727.03.02 Wrengale Mary Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00022 1726.11.06 Baker John Son Jonathan Scriven
B00023 1726.11.03 Lightfoot Jane Daughter William(Junior) Scriven
B00024 1726.11.01 Briggs Michael Son Chris. Scriven
B00025 1726.10.06 Holmes William Son Robert Scriven
B00026 1726.09.30 Owram Thomas Son Thomas Scriven Gent
B00027 1726.09.18 Slinger George Son Geo. Scriven Posthm.
B00028 1726.06.17 Sissons John Son Jo. Scriven
B00029 1726.06.16 Tuton Richard Son Thomas Scriven
B00030 1726.05.26 Hill Thomas Son Rich. Scriven
B00031 1726.05.20 Doncaster Mary Daughter William Scriven
B00032 1725.12.02 Keighley Ellen Daughter William Scriven
B00033 1725.11.05 Sharper Anne Daughter Sam. Scriven
B00034 1725.11.04 Wynne John Son Jo. Scriven
B00035 1725.05.07 Wrightson Jane Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00036 1725.04.18 Baker Ellen Daughter Jonathan Scriven
B00037 1725.04.17 Summersgill William Son Rich. Scriven
B00038 1725.04.17 Andrews Edmund Son Jo. Scriven
B00039 1725.04.15 Collins Richard Son Mr.Jas Scriven
B00040 1725.04.08 Poulter Isabell Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00041 1724.01.02 Briggs Daughter Chris. Scriven
B00042 1723.12.12 Sharper Richard Son Sam. Scriven
B00043 1723.11.01 Stott Henry Son Jo. Scriven
B00044 1723.08.01 Field George Son Jas. Scriven
B00045 1723.05.30 Wynne Ann Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00046 1723.05.17 Andrews Mary Daughter Dennis Scriven
B00047 1723.03.30 Sissons Ann Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00048 1722.03.26 Wood Elizabeth Daughter Anth. Scriven
B00049 1720.08.27 Andrews Richard Son Dennis Scriven
B00050 1720.08.26 Stott Sarah Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00051 1720.05.26 Sissons Elizabeth Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00052 1718.10.24 Stott Elizabeth Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00053 1718.05.01 Wood Katherine Daughter Anth. Scriven
B00054 1718.04.18 Long Robert Son Chris. Scriven
B00055 1718.03.21 Andrews Catherine Daughter Dennis Scriven
B00056 1717.03.19 Turnbull Jane Daughter Chris. Scriven
B00057 1716.12.07 Wood William Son Anth. Scriven
B00058 1716.08.31 Stott Ellen Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00059 1715.05.06 Wood A.Edward Son Anth. Scriven
B00060 1715.03.15 Walker Matthew Son Jo. Scriven
B00061 1715.02.19 Bake Martha Daughter William(Junior) Scriven
B00062 1714.12.04 Burnand Anne Daughter William Scriven
B00063 1714.11.21 Carter John Son Pet. Scriven
B00064 1714.09.30 Coates Elizabeth Daughter Geo. Scriven
B00065 1714.07.23 Lowson Elizabeth Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00066 1714.01.16 Gibson Christian Child Mart. Scriven
B00067 1713.10.24 Long Dorothy Daughter Chris. Scriven
B00068 1713.08.13 Turnbull Robert Son Chris. Scriven
B00069 1713.07.31 Andrews Jonathan Son William Scriven
B00070 1713.06.06 Wetherill Mary Daughter Robert Scriven
B00071 1713.05.31 Thorpe Child Jo. Scriven
B00072 1713.02.16 Thompson Matthew Son William Scriven
B00073 1713.01.31 Butler Thomas Son Thomas Scriven
B00074 1713.01.30 Farnell William Son Thomas Scriven
B00075 1712.12.05 Keighley Jonathan Son Robert Scriven
B00076 1712.09.18 Owram Peter Son Dav. Scriven
B00077 1712.06.12 Maltas George Son Geo. Scriven
B00078 1712.06.10 Coates Jane Daughter Geo. Scriven
B00079 1712.05.04 Slinger James & Jane Children Geo. Scriven
B00080 1712.04.17 Walker John Son Jo. Scriven
B00081 1712.03.13 Dixon Mary Daughter Thomas Scriven
B00082 1712.03.01 Long Rosamond Daughter Robert Scriven
B00083 1712.01.04 Gibson Jane Daughter Mart. Scriven
B00084 1711.12.13 Simpson Walter Son Andr. Scriven
B00085 1711.12.13 Foster Thomas Son Jo. Scriven
B00086 1711.11.20 Lowson Thomas Son Jo. Scriven
B00087 1711.11.09 Smith Bartholomew Son Barth. Scriven
B00088 1711.11.01 Redshaw Ellen Daughter William Scriven
B00089 1711.10.27 Steell William Son William Scriven
B00090 1711.09.21 Andrews Sarah Daughter William(Junior) Scriven
B00091 1711.05.03 Bake Anne Daughter William(Junior) Scriven
B00092 1711.04.21 Dawson Ellen Daughter Gilbert Scriven
B00093 1711.01.19 Turnbull Marmaduke Son Chris. Scriven
B00094 1711.01.15 Butler Elizabeth Daughter Thomas Scriven
B00095 1710.07.30 Carter Ruth Daughter Pet. Scriven
B00096 1710.07.23 Long Barnabas Son Barn. Scriven
B00097 1710.07.15 Holden Mary Daughter William Scriven
B00098 1710.06.02 Coates Philip Son Geo. Scriven
B00099 1710.06.01 Calverley William Son William Scriven
B00100 1710.03.09 Roundell Danson Son William Scriven Gent
B00101 1709.10.20 Steell Elizabeth Daughter William Scriven
B00102 1709.09.11 Keighley Elizabeth Daughter Jonathan Scriven
B00103 1709.09.10 Maltas John Son Geo. Scriven
B00104 1709.07.17 Thorpe Fran. Son Fran. Scriven
B00105 1709.06.08 Clark Prudence Daughter Robert Scriven
B00106 1709.06.02 Bake Thomas Son William Scriven
B00107 1709.05.28 Anykin Jane Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00108 1709.05.05 Foster Anne Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00109 1709.05.05 Inchboard Child Walter Scriven
B00110 1709.04.12 Coates John Son Geo. Scriven
B00111 1708.10.31 Lightfoot Anne Daughter Thomas Scriven
B00112 1708.08.26 Bean Thomas Son Bryan Scriven
B00113 1708.06.20 Gibson Mary Daughter Mart. Scriven
B00114 1708.05.27 Jackman Elizabeth Daughter Henry Scriven
B00115 1708.05.03 Smith Ellen Daughter Barth. Scriven
B00116 1708.04.15 Turnbull William Son Chris. Scriven
B00117 1708.03.20 Lightfoot Anne Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00118 1708.03.11 Coates Susan Daughter Geo. Scriven
B00119 1708.02.05 Askwith John Son Jo. Scriven
B00120 1707.11.07 Kendale Thomas Son Thomas Scriven
B00121 1707.10.25 Bake Ellen Daughter William(Junior) Scriven
B00122 1707.07.31 Dawson Anthony Son Gilbert Scriven
B00123 1707.06.14 Lowson Mary Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00124 1707.05.03 Surr John Son William Scriven
B00125 1707.02.20 Blakeston Rachel Son Thomas Scriven
B00126 1706.12.21 Lightfoot Mary Daughter Thomas Scriven
B00127 1706.11.30 Slinger William Son John Scriven
B00128 1706.10.31 Benson Mary Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00129 1706.10.31 Thorpe John Son Fras. Scriven
B00130 1706.08.22 Annykin John Son Jo. Scriven
B00131 1706.08.10 Bean Bryan Son Bryan Scriven
B00132 1706.06.25 Pretious John Son William Scriven
B00133 1706.04.28 Roundell Marcus Son William Scriven Gent
B00134 1706.03.21 Foster William Son Jo. Scriven
B00135 1706.02.17 Thompson Rachel Daughter William Scriven Weaver
B00136 1706.01.19 Calverley Mary Daughter William Scriven
B00137 1705.08.25 Owram Isabell Daughter Dav. Scriven
B00138 1705.06.21 Burniston Josia Son William Scriven
B00139 1706.01.03 Turnbull Christopher Son Chris. Scriven
B00140 1705.11.01 Lowson George Son Jo. Scriven
B00141 1705.10.14 Walker Myles Son Jo. Scriven
B00142 1705.10.13 Inchboard Peter Son Walter Scriven
B00143 1705.09.21 Redshaw Mary Daughter William Scriven
B00144 1705.08.30 Smith Thomas Son Barth. Scriven
B00145 1705.03.17 Thorpe John Son Fras. Scriven Pauper
B00146 1705.02.10 Gibson Alice Daughter Mart. Scriven
B00147 1705.01.26 Lightfoot John Son Thomas Scriven Pauper
B00148 1704.12.01 Roundell Peter Son William Scriven Gent
B00149 1704.09.02 Wilson John Son Henry Scriven
B00150 1704.08.31 Blackstone Margaret Daughter Thomas Scriven
B00151 1704.08.03 Hill Ellen Daughter Thomas Scriven Pauper
B00152 1704.07.11 Slinger Anne Daughter Geo. Scriven
B00153 1704.02.24 Turnbull Robert Son Chris. Scriven
B00154 1704.02.17 Thompson Elizabeth Daughter William Scriven
B00155 1704.01.29 Surr Elizabeth Daughter William Scriven
B00156 1704.01.02 Roundell Anne Daughter William(Junior) Scriven Gent
B00157 1703.11.18 Pretious Dorothy Daughter William Scriven
B00158 1703.11.08 Theorsby George Son Fred. Scriven
B00159 1703.11.04 Redshaw Henry Son William Scriven
B00160 1703.09.23 Burnistone Sarah Daughter William Scriven
B00161 1703.05.13 Farnell Elizabeth Daughter Thomas Scriven
B00162 1703.05.12 Walker Jane Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00163 1703.04.22 Lightfoot Jane Daughter Jo. Scriven
B00164 1703.03.24 Dickinson William Son Pet. Scriven
B00165 1703.03.06 Kendale Wilfrid Son Thomas Scriven Pauper
B00166 1703.02.17 Calverley Anne Daughter William Scriven
B00167 1703.02.11 Lowson Elizabeth Daughter Richard Scriven
B00168 1702.12.17 Holden Anne Daughter William Scriven
B00169 1702.11.29 Wray Samuel Son Soloman Scriven
B00170 1702.11.02 Dixon George Son Geo. Scriven
B00171 1702.07.29 Lightfoot Robert Son Thomas Scriven