Sir Henry Slingsby at the Battle of Marston Moor

An index of surnames /forenames has been derived from all of the documents in the sources section with the exception of the Atkinson papers where only those with reference to people have been included. In the case of tables the table reference numbers have been utilised and for purely text documents the page and line number are specified. There are a few entries where a text document includes a table. In such cases an entry in the text section has a page and line reference and an entry within the table has a table row number. A typical example of each type is shown below. In total there are almost 25,000 entries which have been sorted by surname and forename. The source name provides access to the transcription of the source and the reference number should provide a swift location within the source.

Slingsby Thomas Slaters Directory 1875
Slingsby Thomas 1915 Press Cuttings Claro Times
Slingsby Burgage Houses in Knaresborough 1720

The links below will enable you to view the entries of the letter of your choice. If you wish to search for a particular surname, open the appropriate file, then key CTRL+F to open a search box into which you can enter the surname and this will immediately highlight the entries of your search criteria. Always delete your search criteria before leaving the webpage. You can also enter surname forename to highlight entries with both surname and forename. Access to the source document is via the reference number or page line numbers.

If the computer being used to view this website supports Microsoft Excel 2007 or later it should be possible to open the document below and by entering a surname and a forename to create a printable list of occurrences.