1922 Electoral Register Scriven

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Reference Number Surname Forename Residence Land
19220001 Adamson Charlotte Ferrensby Land, Hazelheads
19220002 Adamson John Henry Ferrensby Land, Scriven
19220003 Aldous Mary Ann Scriven
19220004 Allen John Thomas Scriven
19220005 Allen Lily Scriven
19220006 Atkinson Edwin Scriven
19220007 Atkinson Harriet Scriven
19220008 Atkinson Arthur Scriven
19220009 Barker Eleanor Scotton Land, Ripley Road
19220010 Barker William Scotton Land, Ripley Road
19220011 Barker Elizabeth Scriven
19220012 Barker Thomas Scriven
19220013 Bartholomew Mark Scotton Land, Ripley Road
19220014 Batchelor Arthur Henry Boroughbridge Road Land, Bar Lane
19220015 Batchelor Elizabeth Ann Boroughbridge Road Land, Bar Lane
19220016 Batchelor Ernest Walter Park Grove Land, Bar Lane
19220017 Batchelor Minnie Park Grove Land, Bar Lane
19220018 Blackburn George Scriven
19220019 Bowe Frederick Pleasant Row
19220020 Bowe John Pleasant Row
19220021 Bowe Mary Hannah Pleasant Row
19220022 Bradley Elizabeth Annie Water Lane
19220023 Bradley Henry Water Lane
19220024 Bradley Herbert Pleasant Row
19220025 Bradley Josephh Fawcett Bar House
19220026 Bradley Leonard Scriven
19220027 Bradley Norman Bar House
19220028 Bradley Robert Water Lane
19220029 Brown Anthony Bond End Land, Ripley Road
19220030 Buck Francis Pleasant Row
19220031 Buck Rebecca Helen Pleasant Row
19220032 Cade William Scriven
19220033 Clapham Arthur Scriven
19220034 Clapham Jane Scriven
19220035 Daniel Thomas Railway Cottages
19220036 Draper Arthur Appleby Car
19220037 Draper John Appleby Car
19220038 Doherty James Whiteleys Yard Land, Ripley Road
19220039 Edgecombe Harry Scriven Lodge
19220040 Edgecombe Penzie Scriven Lodge
19220041 Firth Algernon Freeman Scriven Park
19220042 Firth Janet Gertrude Scriven Park
19220043 Frankland George Harrison Railway Cottages
19220044 Frankland Louie Railway Cottages
19220045 Fryer Elizabeth Scriven
19220046 Gibson Thomas Alma Cottage
19220047 Gill Nora Scriven
19220048 Gill Thomas Scriven
19220049 Herrington Ann Scriven
19220050 Herrington Fred Scriven
19220051 Herrington Harry Scriven
19220052 Herrington John Scriven
19220053 Herrington Richard Scriven
19220054 Herrington Richard Scriven
19220055 Herrington William Scriven
19220056 Heward Rebecca Railway Cottages
19220057 Heward William Railway Cottages
19220058 Hopwood Elizabeth Pleasant Row
19220059 Hopwood William Pleasant Row
19220060 Hopwood James Pleasant Row
19220061 Jackson Mary Elizabeth Scriven
19220062 Knight Annie Watson Scriven
19220063 Knight George Scriven
19220064 Knight Percy Scriven
19220065 Knight Florence Scriven
19220066 Lister Joseph Pleasant Row
19220067 Lister Margaret Pleasant Row
19220068 Lund Joseph Railway Cottages
19220069 Lund Mary Ann Railway Cottages
19220070 May Annie Beech Grove Land, Ripley Road
19220071 May James William Beech Grove Land, Ripley Road
19220072 Morrell John Thomas Preston Farm Land, Scriven Moor
19220073 Morrell Maria Preston Farm Land, Scriven Moor
19220074 Mosley Frederick Scriven Moor
19220075 Mosley Rose Eva Scriven Moor
19220076 Norfolk John Benjamin Scriven
19220077 Norfolk Lydia Scriven
19220078 Pawson John Chain Lane Land, Carr Myers
19220079 Phillipson John James Scriven
19220080 Phillipson Laura Scriven
19220081 Plaxton Annie Scriven
19220082 Plaxton Gertrude Scriven
19220083 Plaxton Herbert Scriven
19220084 Plaxton Stephen Scriven
19220085 Pullan William Farnham Land, Farnham Lane
19220086 Ralf Elizabeth Scriven
19220087 Robinson John Carmires Avenue Land, Scriven
19220088 Sewell Mary Scriven
19220089 Sewell Wilfred Scriven
19220090 Smith Agnes Scriven
19220091 Smith Alfred Scriven
19220092 Smith Elizabeth Scriven
19220093 Smith Hannah Scriven
19220094 Smith John Scriven
19220095 Smith John, junr. Scriven
19220096 Spink John Edward The Lodge Scriven
19220097 Spink Sarah Hannah The Lodge Scriven
19220098 Spink Arthur Scotton Land, Ripley Road
19220099 Spink George Scotton Land, Ripley Road
19220100 Spink Jane Scotton Land, Ripley Road
19220101 Stainton Frederick James Scriven
19220102 Stainton Rachel Scriven
19220103 Stead Mary Boroughbridge Farm, Scriven
19220104 Stead Richard Henry Boroughbridge Farm, Scriven
19220105 Steele Harry Scriven
19220106 Steele Louisa Scriven
19220107 Stott Emma Victoria Avenue Land, Carr Myers
19220108 Taylor Arthur High Street Land, Sweetbits
19220109 Thackray Joseph Scotton Land, Ripley Road
19220110 Thickett James Henry Market Place Land, Pleasant Row
19220111 Varley Wilfred Gibbett Farm
19220112 Varley Mary Gibbett Farm
19220113 Waite Annie Scriven
19220114 Waite William Wardley Scriven
19220115 Walker Eleanor Scriven
19220116 Walker Thomas Henry Scriven
19220117 Watkin Richard Scriven
19220118 Watkin Fanny Scriven
19220119 Walkington Thomas Alma House
19220120 Webster Harry Butterhills Farm
19220121 Webster Jessie Butterhills Farm
19220122 Webster Thomas, junr. Butterhills Farm
19220123 Whiteley John Scriven
19220124 Wrathall Sarah Ann Pleasant Row