1828 Enclosure Act

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George IV Regis Cap 12

An Act for dividing, allotting, and inclosing the several Moors or Commons called Scriven Moor and Scotton Moor in the Townships of Scriven with Tentergate….. Inter alia
1 Within the Manor and Township of Scriven with Tentergate in the Parish of Knaresborough in the Manor and Township of Scotton in the Parish of Farnham there are three moors or commons called Scriven Moor, Scotton Moor and Scotton Low Moor containing together by estimation 466 acres.
2 The King as Duke of Lancaster is Lord Paramount of the Manor of Scriven with Tentergate (with others) and claims right and interest over the said Moors and Commons.
3 Sir Thomas Slingsby baronet is or claims to be Lord of the several Manors of Scriven with Tentergate and Scotton and as such is or claims to be the Owner of the soil of the said Moors or Commons
4 Richard Henry Roundell Esq is Lay Improprietor or Owner of all the Tithes both great and small of …… Scotton
5 The Hon Sir Francis Nathaniel Burton Kt and Richard Henry Roundell and several other persons are owners of the messuages and waste buildings, sites of messuages and waste buildings lands and tenements wthin the Manor of Scriven with Tentergate.
Acts have been passed for enclosure of moors commons and open fields this Act to repeal earlier Acts

Enacted ENCLOSURE ACT 9 May 1828

1 William Pilkington of Thorne appointed Conmmissioner for dividing and enclosing moors etc.
5 John Howgate of Knaresborough is appointed surveyor of such part of the lands and grounds within the several Manors of Scriven with Tentergate to be paid 1s 6d an acre and £2. 2s a day for surveying, measuring mapping and planning etc.
20 Upon setting out the public roads and footpaths the ancient footway or path leading from the Knaresborough to Pateley Bridge turnpike road at the High Bond End Green in the Township of Scriven with Tentergate across certain lands belonging to Sir Thomas Slingsby there Elm Well Closes, Garcar Fields, and the Walk or Plantation surrounding such lands to the said moors or commons across the said moors or commons at Market Flat Gate towards Brearton shall from henceforth be stopped up and discontinued and no footway shall be allotted over the land of Sir Thomas Slingsby in Scriven.
22 An alternative road to be set out leading from the village of Scriven between the houses in the occupation of Mr John Calverley and Thomas Spetch in the village of Scriven and along a certain close called Pasture now in the several occupations of Sir Thomas Slingsby and of Philip Steele and from thence across the end of certain closes called Sandy Barrows and Little Moors in the several occupations of John Calverley and Mary Prentice all in Scriven with Tentergate. The road to be fenced at the sole expense of Sir Thomas Slingsby .
34 The Commissioners are required to allot to Sir Thomas Slingsby all that moor or common known as Bond End Green and all such part of the moor adjoining his lands from there along the Knaresborough Pateley Bridge road ( leaving 50 ft width road) and all moors etc east of a line drawn from his old enclosures on the side of the said road including Appleby Carr along an occupation road used by Mr John Calverley and his tenant of the farm at Preston Bottoms to a fence where his old enclosed lands and those of John Calverley join at Preston Bottoms. All which moor between this line and the village of Scriven contiguous to the Mansion House of Scriven the Commissioners are required to allot to Sir Thomas Slingsby in respect of his rights of common as owner of the Mansion House and land on the waste
‘The old enclosures’ were:-
Garden in Bond End called Saunder’s garden with the building thereon now in possession of Mr Samuel Popplewell Pullen.
One close called Cleg Close, 3a, with building in possession of Matthew Winter.
One close Townend Close,3a 1r, in occupation of Jonathon Sweeting
One close adjoining above, 2a, with Knaresborough - Boroughbridge road on North and Blind Lane on South in occupation of William Barker
One close adjoining above, 1a 3r 10p with Knaresborough – Boroughbridge road on north anf Blind Lane on south in occupation of Richard Terry
One close called Breary Flats, 2a, in occupation of Widow Outhwaite.
One other close called Breary Flats, 12a, in occupation of William Thackwray.
One other close called Breary Flats, 1a 1r 21p, in the occupation Widow Wilson.
One other close called Breary Flats ,5a 3r 9p, in the occupation of John Roper.
One called Macmires called 6a in the occupation of William Harrison.
One close called Frogmire, 1a in occupation of William Driffield.
Two closes called Short Hills, 6a,3r,30p, in the occupation of Widow Wilson and Richard Mason.
Such as the Commissioners shall consider fair compensation for Sir Thomas’ rights over moors and commons and it this is not enough any part of the moors and commons can be allocated to Sir Thomas to make up the difference.
43 Any allotment made from the commons or waste ground to the Churchwardens or Overseers of the Poor in Scriven with Tentergate and Scotton or either for the use of the poor shall be fenced on all sides unless otherwise awarded and against public roads with good and substantial fences and planted with good quicksets of whitethorn with good and double holed posts and rails, posts to be of oak, ash or other durable wood with sufficient ditches and carriage gates and kept in repair by allottees
50 Lands within Scriven with Tentergate and Scotton may be exchanged subject to observing legak requirements.
72 Nothing in the Act shall prejudice the rights or titles of the Lords or Ladies of the Manors of Scriven with Tentergate and Scotton and they shall keep rights to mines and mineral rents ,services, fines , courts, views of frankpledge, courts leet and baron, perquisites and profits of courts, goods and chattels of felons and fugitives and felons themselves, deodands, waifs, estrys, forfeituresans all seigniories, royalties and privileges.