1803 Ale House Licences

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West Riding of Yorkshire

–Be it Remembered that that on the second Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three at Knaresborough in the said Riding. The several and respective Persons hereinafter named with the several other Persons also herein after mentioned as their respective Surety or Sureties Personnally came before us Sir John Ingilby, Sir Thomas Turner Slingsby Baronets and John Watson Esquire, Charles Copper Doctor of Divinity, John Tripp doctor of Laws, The Reverend the Dean of Ripon and the Reverend James Geldartt, seven of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the said Riding and acknowledged themselves to owe to our Sovereign Lord the King the several and respective Sums on Money of lawful Money of Great Britain set opposite to their respective names to be made and levied of their respective Goods and Chattels Lands and Tenements to the use of our said Lord King his heirs and Successors if the said first named several and respective Persons shall make default in the Condition hereunder written.

Reference Number Alehouse keepers Abode Their Names and Sums bound in £ Sureties, Names & what they are bound in £
18030001 Scriven with Thomas Prentice 10 William Young 10
18030002 Tentergate Abraham Johnson 10 William Andrews 10
18030003 Ditto Thomas Kettlewell 10 Thomas Tuton 10
18030004 Ditto Ann Grange 10 Thomas Tuton 10
18030005 Ditto Samuel Russell 10 William Hopwood 10
18030006 Ditto Richard Lee 10 Thomas Tuton 10
18030007 Ditto William Spink 10 Thomas Fletcher 10
18030008 Scotton Frances Steele 10 Mathew Outhwaite 10
18030009 Ditto John Proctor 10 Simon Fawcett 10

The condition of this Recognizance is such That Whereas the first above named Persons are severally licensed to keep a Common Inn Alehouse for one Year from the twenty ninth day of this present Month of September in the several houses where they now respectively dwell in the Township aforesaid. If therefore the said several first above mentioned Persons now licensed as aforesaid shall keep and maintain good order and rule and shall suffer no disorder or unlawful games to be used in their respective houses nor in any outhouse yard garden or backside Thereunto belonging during the said Term then this recognizance so far as the same relates to such Persons respectively shall be void otherwise to be and remains in full force

Taken and acknowledged the Day and Year above written

Before Us.
Signed –John Ingliby, Tho. Turner Slingsby, John Watson and John Tripp