1773 Ale House Licences

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(8th September 1773 Knaresborough Special Session for the Claro Wapentake)

West Riding of Yorkshire to wit,

Be it Remembered that at the Special Sessions and General Meeting holden at Knaresborough in and for the Weapontake of Claro in the said Riding the Eighth Day of September One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Three All and every the Person and Persons herein after named and against whose Names any Sum or Sums of Money are written and set down personally came before Us Andrew Wilkinson Henry Duncombe Oliver Coghill Esquires Thomas Colllins and Richard Thompson Clerks his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the said Riding and severally acknowledged themselves indebted to our Sovereign Lord the King his Heirs and Successors in the several Sums set against their respective Names to be Levied for the Use of His Majesty his Heirs and Successors upon the Lands and Tenements Goods & Chattels of such of the Alehousekeepers here in aftermentioned and their Sureties respectively as shall fail in performing the Condition hereinafter expressed.

Reference Number Alehouse keepers abode Their Names & Sums bound in £ Sureties Names & what they are bound in £
17730001 Scriven John Taler 10 Rd. Tuton 10
a Certificate
17730002 Francis Anderson 10 Thos. Wilks 10
17730003 Laurence Benson 10 Thos. Wilks 10
17730004 Lawrence Benson 10 Thos. Wilks 10
17730005 William White 10 John Clarke 10
17730006 John Simpson 10 Thos. Wilks 10
17730007 Henry Grange 10 Rd. Tuton 10
17730008 Samuell Tinesdell olde lame Same & Jn. Clarke Each 10
17730009 John Robinson 10 Thos. Wilks 10
17730010 Joseph Dalby 10 John Clarke 10

Whereas the several Persons whose Names are set down in the Second Column within described in every of the foregoing Sheets & pages are at the Special Sessions & General Meeting abovementioned severally & respectively duly Licensed and allowed by the Justices abovenamed to keep a Common Inn, Alehouse, Victualling-house and Tipling-house in the Houses wherein they respectively dwell and not elsewhere for the selling of Ale, Beer and other Liquor and Strong Waters by Retail pursuant to the Statutes in that Case made for One Year commencing on the twenty ninth Day of September Instant Now the Condition of the said several recognizances within written & entered into respectively is such That if the said Several persons so Licensed shall & do respectively during all the said year keep & cause to be kept Good Rule & Order in their respective House & shall not use or suffer to be used any unlawful Games or Evil practices therein contrary to the Law & Statutes in this Behalf made then the Recognizance & Recognizances of such of the said Persons so Licensed & of his and her Sureties respectively as shall perform the said condition shall be void; and the Recognizance & Recognizances of such of the said Persons so Licensed & of his & her Sureties respectively as shall break & not Perform the said Condition shall stand & remain in full Force and Virtue.

Taken & Acknowledged the Day Year & Place above written Before Us.

A Wilkinson
Thos. Collins R Thompson
Oliver Coghill
Henry Duncombe